Balancing DANY BOT in action

At last here is the video of Dany bot balancing itself.


In this video, the robot tries the balance itself with the help of integrated accelerometer and gyro on the Zumo shield. I used the PID algorithm for feedback and control.

here i used the lithium ion battery which has high ampere rating (4000 mAh at 4.7 volt), to get more juice rather than the normal 2200 mAh AA batteries. (It can also balance fine with AA batteries)

to know more about the dany bot please check the previous post (here).

any queries plz comment below..

5 thoughts on “Balancing DANY BOT in action

  1. Hey friend;
    I couldnt modify your code. I dont have your dany shield. Is there any way to build balancing robot with simple zumo chasis. It s most important for me , please help.


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