Balancing DANY BOT in action

At last here is the video of Dany bot balancing itself. In this video, the robot tries the balance itself with the help of integrated accelerometer and gyro on the Zumo shield. I used the PID algorithm for feedback and control. here i used the lithium ion battery which has high ampere rating (4000 mAh […]

Maze solving

Maze solving Dany bot. During first run it will recognize the path and calculate the shortest path. At the next run it ill reach the destiny without getting into the wrong path I removed the shield, since the path is too short (while turning) it gets difficult for some time.

Balancing DANY BOT

Hi guys, Today I am working on programming the dany bot to balance itself. for the i have to remove the front shield and the sensor array from the zumo chassis. so that i can balance the robot in front. since i have attached the display, so the center of gravity to 23.8 degree. It […]


This is my first time experience with the robots. BOT Dany bot is an multipurpose robot, here i used pololu’s Zumo Robot for Arduino, v1.2 (Assembled with 75:1 HP Motors). It has the following specifications. The Zumo robot for Arduino is an Arduino-controllable tracked robot platform that is less than 10 cm × 10 cm. 75:1 HP micro metal gear […]

Hello world!

hello guys. this is my very first experience with the blogging and publishing. sure i will pop out the interesting facts regarding the robotics and my experience through this blog. Thank you!